Dawn to Dawn Investigations
::Service Excellence::

"They’ll never talk to you!” Dawn heard those words often during her career as an FBI Special Agent as she prepared to develop informants or to interview witnesses in criminal cases. But through a combination of astute psychology, and warmth of personality, Dawn overcomes her respondent’s reticence and persuades them to reveal deeply personal and even incriminating information.

As a Private Investigator, Dawn went undercover for a law firm to develop detailed information about a client’s business adversary, including revenue, expenses, assets, computer system operations, number of employees, initial capitalization, and affiliated companies.

For a trust case, using advanced internet searching skills, Dawn obtained obituaries, newspaper articles, business reports and background data that led to a contested will. Dawn identified and located friends and associates of the decedent that resulted in overcoming a challenge to a will.

For a corporate client, Dawn conducted extensive surveillance of a company officer to detail his activities of stealing company inventory and selling to a wholesaler. Her surveillance was supplemented by GPS tracking using a transmitter on the suspect’s vehicle.

For a private business, Dawn developed a suspect of a large burglary and assisted in his capture and arrest.

For private citizens, Dawn has conducted hundreds of successful surveillances to uncover the truth.